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Weight Loss Center, Aerobics, Free Hand Exercise, Power Yoga, Yoga, Height Growth, Pilates Classes & Personality Development Classes.

Arijit’s Workout is a reputed health club & slimming center in kolkata, delivering excellent fitness training through weight management classes, weight loss training, weight gain training, aerobic classes, free hand exercise, power yoga classes, yoga classes, height growth classes, pilates classes and personality development program. A perfect health is everyone’s right and turning out in an obsession nowadays. Arijit’s workout is a state of art slimming center. It is not only a brand but also caters the people with services which only involve scientific process and thus doesn’t cause any side effects. Fitness is a broad term and a complex subject to deal with which includes health and skill related fitness.

Weight Management

Weight management refers to a group of practices necessary to keep one’s weight at a healthful level. It is preferred to the term “dieting,” because it involves more than regulation of food intake or treatment of overweight persons.


Aerobic Classes

Aerobic classes are suitable to any age group and the benefits are well known to everybody. It not only helps you attain flexibility by opening up your body and stretching the muscles but also energizes your day resulting in overall well being.


Power Yoga

A type of vigorous fitness based class of yoga especially for those who does not want to join gym for exercises. Since the mid 1990’s the term came in to usage in an attempt to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible to student across the globe.


Why Arijits Workout?

We provide fitness training services for 7 to 70 years of people. Our class is so much scientifically proved,that one client can not only reduce also they get relief from their body pains. Our weight loss center provide fitness exercise classes for recent major problems .i.e

1. Heart attacks
2. Hormonal disbalances
3. Thyroid
4. Diabetes
5. High blood pressure
6. Child obesity

Our health club has experienced dietician who can help u to count calories to make ur body fit without starving.

Our Workout Regimen

Starting from the age of 7 to 70 years, we specialize in organizing workout routine as suited to the age and ailment to treat any illness or pain. The regiment is changed after a period of certain time suitable to the body giving it not only faster but better results. At Arijit’s workout customers can find a variety of products designed to assist them achieving their fitness goal. This weight loss center provide 26 days of workout with 26 different programs which helps to reduce fat because the class will be not be monotonous along with music to boost your stamina on which would also help to reduce from every parts of our body. We at Arijit’s specialize in doing machine free exercises and evidently free hands which will get relief to every needed body parts.

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