Every year we all go through with this summer days, when sun rays directly hit body, that cause uneasiness in our body. Due to this maximum temperature most of the people use air conditioner which cools our body. But with this mechanical use, scientifically we are harming our body badly. We are frequently moving here and there due to our respective works, so we can’t use AC for a long time & for this movement our body can’t adjust the temperature soon and that causes imbalance of physical ailments. In every summer we frequently use cold water from refrigerator on and off, that also causes various side effects in our body like cough & cold, throat infection and many more.

There are various processes & physical workouts to beat the heat and remain active in this summer easily.

1) Always use light color cotton shirts which reflects sun rays.

2) Try to have half an hour exercise daily to exhale your toxins from our body.

3) Always use umbrellas when you are directly moving on outside.

4) Don’t take cold water; try to have mixed water like half cold & half normal temparature water.

5) Make a good & healthy diet plan from dietician.

6) Every day consume 3 to 4 liters of water to hydrate your body in this summer.

7) Do every day 15 minutes of yoga which maintain your digestion power perfect.

8) Take every day coconut water which contains lots of sodium which we reduce everyday lot through our perspiration.

9) Always use sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sunray.

10) Always hydrate your body and give a proper free hand exercise through a good trainer who can guide how to maintain your shape in this summer.

By these simple steps we can maintain our body metabolism rate in this summer.

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