Now in the present days we are more conscious about our health. Previously Indians were lazy about their health, it  was issued in the journals before 2000 century but right now statistics say by the professionals that India is 2nd largest in population & 4th ranking for more aware country in health consciousness.
Due to our strict work schedule always we can’t take proper food in proper time,we have to take outside junk foods maximum,else that we always try to avoid more oily foods which creates cardiac problems.Due to lack of sleep we can’t be refreshed totally and we have to go back to our  job next day. Due to this all reasons slightly our health is hampering.
Today, Arijit’s Workout has started a new training course on physical exercise and slimming in Kolkata, which is specifically conducted for those people who do not have that much of time.U can reduce 2 inches in 3 days with giving a small time of one hour & a very low cost at “Arijits Workout”outlets.
image of healthy lifestyle for slimming
And those who do not have that much of time in their hand can do 10 simple exercises in their home to maintain their physic & cut their calories.
1) Some freehand exercise first i.e-neck rotation,shoulder rotation,shoulder twisting etc.
2) After small jumping with two legs together(skipping)100 to 150 times.
3) Some stretching for legs i.e-leg stretching,bending of knees etc.
4) Twisting for your arms, legs & full body.
5) Again some cardio like twisting, jig jag jumping etc. – 2 minutes.
6) All kinds of bendings like front bendings, back bendings etc.
7) Then some rotation which will flexible your body more like full body rotation,lower body rotation,knees rotation etc.
8) Now some squats which will helps to reduce thighs and hips like full squats,half           squats,on your toes squats etc.
9) Now again some cardio like jogging for 5 mins,2 mins slow,3 mins fast.Always were shoes while jumping exercise.
10) At last cool down exercises like bhujangu asanas, savasanas etc.
This is for all ages,those who have arthritis/spinal problem or any physical disorder they have. Consult with your trainers before doing these steps or you can contact us at the following address:
Arijt’s Workout, 60/1 Chowringhee Road, Kolkata – 700020, Alexander Court, 1st floor, or call at this number –  +91 9831642065.

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