Animal Workout is also known as the animal flow is an innovative fitness program that combines the locomotive patterns of animals and ground-based movement to create a workout session in a fluid sequence. The Animal workout looks like the yoga asanas except that it is more quadrupedal in nature. It aims to heighten your proprioceptive sense -the sense of position and movement.

The workout session includes animal movement by linking them together comprising of a wide range of exercise progressions following a system to get a beginner flowing in their first workout, leading up to advanced movement mastery.

Benefits of Animal Workout

Animal Flow is a playful expression of what your body can do. Animal workouts are designated to help you build strength, flexibility, body control and coordination.

Benefits from Animal Flow include increased mobility, stability, power, endurance, skill and neuromuscular communication.

The brilliance of Animal Flow is that it’s a mixture of movement disciplines. Instead of locking up in a single movement discipline, Animal Flow draws the best from several practices like yoga, martial arts, parkour, break dancing, and gymnastics to name a few.

Some of the Common Animal Workouts are:

  • Loaded beast
  • Scorpion reach
  • Ape movement
  • Traveling crab movement

We at Arijit’s workout provide Animal workouts in Kolkata in which we learn two types of exercises in this session — Indian Workouts and Animal Workouts. As a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and coach, we do these exercises to improve strength and endurance. They are included in a proper athletic regimen that even world-class athletes follow it — bodyweight workouts are an added advantage. More than just functional training, they aid daily activities and prevent injuries.

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