We are going to learn two types of exercises in this session — Indian Workouts and Animal Workouts. As a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and coach, we do these exercises to improve strength and endurance. They are included in a proper athletic regimen that even world class athletes follow it — body weight workouts are an added advantage. More than just functional training, they aid daily activities and prevent injuries.

Indian Workouts are a codified form of exercise systems developed from the most effective ancient workouts in our country. Mainly martial art forms like kusthi, kalari, malyutham and others. Most Indian wrestlers still follow these workout routines! The specialty about these exercises is that they work on multiple muscles across the body.

Plus, with beginner and advanced modifications offered for each exercise, you can tailor the workout to fit how you’re feeling that day. Just press play to bear crawl your way to a stronger body!