We all know that habit of regular exercise has a lot of benefits. Theses benefits ranges from, managing stress, weight loss, improves concentration, helps to improve immune system. Among all the types of exercises, aerobics has always been one of the most popular type of exercise. The reason for its popularity is because it is more of a fun filled activity rather than a monotonous work. It is a form of physical exercise where strength training is combined with rhythmic aerobic moves for overall improvement of physical fitness. It targets cardiovascular strength, flexibility and muscle fitness.

Usually there is an aerobic instructor, who leads a group of participants on a certain music. However it can also be practiced individually. This is a process to upgrade your physical fitness and also prevents you from various diseases.

Aerobics Training Centre in Kolkata

Aerobic classes can be segregated according to their level of complexity. Usually fitness consultants would set your participation limits depending upon your fitness level. Now a days there are even various types of aerobics classes offered at several gyms. Now it is very certain that you would like to know how aerobic training shall help you. We have tried to give you some solid reasons which we are sure would motivate you to try aerobic. Regular exercise will surely make you more focused and motivated towards your work and uplift your ability to think.

Benefits of Aerobic Classes:-

  1. Among various reasons to do aerobic exercise, the biggest reason obviously is its enjoyment and fun filled process.
  2. Undoubtedly it is the easiest way to help you shed those extra pounds.
  3. You tend to breath a lot of oxygen during this workout regime. Therefore it improves your thinking ability, concentration power and reasoning capability.
  4. It also works as a prevention medicine to various types of illness.
  5. Your cardiovascular ability will also be improved.
  6. It is an effective way to strengthen your muscles.
  7. It helps you to develop respiratory process.

Time required for best result of aerobic:-

It is advisable to undergo two and half hour of moderate training in a week or one hour fifteen minutes our rigorous aerobic training.

Infact to maintain proper weight, few people need to workout for five hours in a week. It is always advisable to combine moderate and complex level of training. Ideally each session of aerobic class should be divided into 10 minutes. If you undergo rigorous aerobic training for one hour you can expect to burn atleast 533 pounds. With time constraint it usually gets difficult to dedicate so much time. However we advise you to atleast involve into half an hour of any sort of physical activity on daily basis.

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