Free hand exercises have been highly neglected. We all feel that freehand exercises are just for warm up and it has no link with weight loss. Here we want to explain the benefits of few popular freehand exercises exercises. We have also tried to explain what is the proper way to do it. Initially you can start by doing 20 set of each exercise and gradually increase for better results.

Some Popular Free Hand Exercises are explained below:-

1. Push ups: There is no doubts that this has always been the most popular. If you want to work and build upper part of your body it is advisable that you should do minimum 50 push ups. It is best way to strengthen your biceps, chest area, you can build your triceps and even spinal cord.

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2. Plank:- Plank has always been known to be one of the most effective freehand exercise. This is truly one the most effective exercises of all time to burn calorie and target problem areas like arms, thighs and stomach. The problem is that , it is always really hard to master this exercise but it is not impossible.

3. Squats: This is again a great free hand exercise. This is highly effective to shed flab from areas like things, abdomen. It is advisable to work at least 5 set of squats.

4. Leg lifts: In order to do this exercise, you have to, lie down and you have to lift and stretch your leg straight. You have to hold for sometime, and slowly bring the leg down. Them you have to repeat this with the other leg. It is a good exercise to add calf muscle and tone abs and thighs.

5. Ab crunches: If you want to trim your belly, this one is for you. Ab crunches are really helpful in trimming and strengthening the abdominal area. All you need to take care is that your back is properly flat on the floor and your neck should always be in the right alignment while doing this exercise. It is advisable to keep the fist under the chin area to prevent your head from loosing the grip or moving.

6. Side bends: You can get rid of your love handles through this exercise. You have to slightly bent your knees and stand with your legs apart. Then you have to place one hand on your hip area and the other one has to be in downward motion. Without moving your hip you need to bend to one side and try to reach the side of legs.You can do twenty sets of this exercise with both hands.

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