Lattisimus Dorsi muscle is the broadest muscle of your back. If you can develop this muscle with proper exercise. This would give you a V-like shape to your physique. There are various exercises through which you can develop your Lattisimus muscle (Latis), but the most effective being the pull-ups & chin-ups.

Initially, for the beginners they might find it difficult to cope with the pullups & the situps. Obviously the Cable Lat pull down machine or the pulleys can be counted as the suitable alternative. In this particular blog ,we would discuss the different forms of exercises that one can perform to develop the lattisimus dorsi.

Bent Over Row with Dumbbell (Alternate) – Stand & take a dumbbell in each hand,bend it to your waist at 45 degrees.Pull back the dumbbells towards your chest,contracting your lats. Continue this for several number of times.

Cable Pulldowns – First rest your knees on the knee pads. grab the bars extending your arms over your head & then pull the bars down to your chest,try to bend your back as much as you can while pulling the bars down.

Chin-ups – hang yourself from the bars,the grip should be an overhand grip,slightly wider than your shoulder width. hang for few seconds with the arms straight. Pull yourself up so that your chin crosses the bar,again bring your body down to the start position & then go on repeating the procedures.

Apart from all the above set of workouts you should also remember the following scopes :

  • You should devote atleast 1 session for the latis workout.
  • Do at least 3 sets of each workout
  • Use heavy weights for lats.
  • Always try to carry a notebook with you to track the progress from day1.
  • Try to add some extra weight every week

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