We are heading for a major festive season ahead. It will start off with the “Durga Puja” followed by Diwali. This is the time when we have plenty of eating out, late night “addas”and Pandal hopping, lack of exercise and complete lack of rest is the usual routine during the festival days. When this type of activities gets extended over days it may take its toll on our health. It is true that the festival season is definitely the time to lose excess weight but at the same time, it does not have to be a time to lose your health. The following are simple ways to about staying fit during the festive season ahead:

Consciously plan to keep a check on your eating

Fitness is all about staying disciplined. A major part about staying disciplines is in terms of staying strict about what you intake. This means that you need to have the self-control to restrict yourself to cut down on the intake of empty calories. It does take discipline especially when you are with a group of friends. But you need to control on having excess calories to stay healthy and fit during this period.

Schedule your exercise 

It is true that the festival time is going to be hectic. The last thing you might to do is to exercise. Yet you must have a schedule for your exercises. This may involve getting up a bit early to accommodate your fitness routine. Whatever it is you must be strict with yourself to follow your fitness workout even during the entire festive season.

Take adequate rest

This may be the last thing you might want to do when friends are around. But adequate rest is essential to staying fit and healthy. So during the festive season whenever you get some time you just utilize it take some rest. This is what will help you significantly during the festive season.

Have plenty of water and stay hydrated

No matter where you may be during the festivals but always make sure to carry your water bottle with you at all times. You must be drinking at least eight, 8-oz glasses of water each day. Staying hydrated at all times especially when you are traveling from pandal to pandal is essential to help you stay fit. This is why you must take a conscious decision to have sufficient amounts of water and fluids during the festive season.

Try to avoid excessively spicy food

You must also try and have simple and healthy food during the pujas and avoid excessively spicy food during the festive. You must learn to say no when you are offered such kind of spicy food even during festival time. This will help you stay healthy and fit during the festival season ahead.

In conclusion, we hope that the fitness tips provided here will indeed help you to stay healthy and fit for the festive season ahead. In case you are looking for the best fitness training Kolkata, then get in touch with us at Arijit’s Workout.

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