This year we have an extended summer. The sweltering summer heat has been extreme this year. It has made everyone long for monsoons to relieve us from the excessive summer heat. Though the rains would bring in much relief from the extreme heat, but at the same time the monsoons pose new set of challenges for fitness freaks. The heavy rains might force many to stay indoors. Thus in case you want to stay fit during monsoons too you need to follow your fitness regimen. The following are some tips which would help you stay fit for the upcoming monsoons.

Run in the Rain

You must not worry about running in the rain. You must try to run the extra mile even in the rain. This is what would make your metabolism strong. It is what would keep you energized and fit even in a gloomy weather. This is what you must remember in the rainy season to stay fit.

You Need to Stay Active Even Indoors

During winters it is always important for you to have an indoor fitness regimen. You must consult your personal fitness trainer who could help design a quick 30 to 40 minutes fitness schedule for you which must include planks, squats and push-ups. This would be most effective in the monsoons when going outside may be a challenge. You could try Zumba and Yoga during the monsoons. Zumba has become very popular in recent times. It is a great way to stay fit while staying indoors. So Zumba is one of the best ways to stay fit in the monsoons. Along with Zumba you could also try out Yoga. But be it for Zumba or for Yoga you need the right trainers who would be able to guide you in the best possible way.

Wear The Right Gear to Stay Dry

During monsoons it is always not necessary for you to stay indoors. You could step out with the right gear that would help you stay dry even when outdoors. So have the right gear for stepping out for fitness activities like jogging and running. In conclusion we hope that the above mentioned tips would help you to stay fit and healthy for the upcoming monsoon.

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