It is New Year time again. This is the time when a lot many resolutions are taken including resolutions in regard to health , fitness and workouts. Unfortunately, many of the fitness resolutions which are taken at the beginning of the year are soon broken. However, at the same time, it must be noted that many of the Indians are becoming more health and fitness conscious.

It is true that the fitness industry today offers a lot more variety today than it did in the past. In fact, the latest trends show that many of the fitness freaks now seek newer and more innovative ways for staying fit. Thus many of the newer ways of staying fit to have come in the forefront. This is why you can surely say that India is changing the way it uses to work out in the past.

Fitness no longer a luxury

The one major trend which has emerged for sure is that fitness today is not restricted to the rich and the wealthy it has become a part of everyday life. So fitness is very much a part of regular life for many from all walks of life.


Amongst some of the major shift in the fitness workouts trends, the following fitness trends have emerged:

Yoga and Power Yoga in kolkata

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Yoga has always been a very popular form of health and fitness since long. This is something which is very popular indeed which takes complete care of both the physical as well as mental health. However, in recent times, the one trend which has clearly emerged is that of Power Yoga. This is a vigorous form of fitness workout which lays total emphasis on strength and flexibility. However, if you opt for this form of fitness it is important that you have the same done under the guidance of a qualified fitness trainer.

Kick Boxing in kolkata

How India is changing the way it workouts?

You might have known Kick Boxing as a form of martial arts which is mainly used for self-defense. But the rigorous workout which is involved in this combat based kicking and punching can offer great fitness as well. In fact, many celebrities now are adopting this as a form of staying fit as

Pilates Training for fitness in kolkata

How India is changing the way it workouts?

In recent times Pilates Training too has emerged as a popular form to stay fit. This is something which was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th Century. It involves control over mind and body. This form of fitness workout lays emphasis on correct breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment and concentration on the smooth flowing movement of the body.




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