If you are a fitness freak we are sure that you would always to be up to date with the latest in the industry. You might also already be aware that out of the many modern fitness routines in trend, Kickboxing is definitely in the very forefront. Thus Kickboxing, which is one of the latest forms of Martial arts is not only used for self-defense but is also for fitness as well. Under Kickboxing, Kettlebell Kickboxing is what is gaining popularity worldwide. So let us see what it is and why it has become so popular in the health and fitness industry.

About Kettlebell Kickboxing

The Kettlebell Kickboxing initially started as a fitness class in New York City and has now become increasingly popular globally. It began with the fitness aims of combining mobility, agility, along with the longevity principles of martial arts conditioning. The power, strength, and versatility involved in Kettlebell training can significantly boost the health benefits and this is becoming an increased part of fitness training across the leading fitness centers.

What it involves?

If you are considering as a fitness option you need to note that Kickboxing is a fun, full body workout. It is, therefore, that is great since it acts as a mix up your routine, and it would teach you self-defense at the same time.
It various important other benefits too. These include things like improved flexibility, coordination, and endurance. It could be helpful in managing stress, and would also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

The most exciting part is that you have the opportunity to burn as 800 calories an hour! This is what experts in the field claim. On the other hand, a kettlebell workout could burn approximately  200 calories per 10 minutes. It is very versatile. It involves explosive exercises that work major muscles, burn body fat, and build power. You would also have the opportunity to incorporate classic moves into your routine with just a single pair!

To conclude we can say that the Kettlebell Kickboxing is indeed great for health and fitness along with self-defense. If you want to opt for best Kickboxing training in Kolkata get in touch with us at Arijit’s Workout!

Always use a kettlebell weight that is comfortable for you. Never compensate weight for technique and form.

Pro tip: Make sure you learn the basics from someone who has the proper expertise and skill level. This will help in avoiding injury.



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