When we hear or think about Kickboxing, we assume that the same is a form of martial arts and used only for self-defense. But apart from using it as a form of self-defense, you could use the same for your fitness as well. The kicks, punches and knee strike used in this form of martial arts act as excellent workouts for our overall fitness. Let us look at how this largely popular martial art, is helpful to keep one healthy and fit:

Kickboxing Workout helps to Burn out Calories.

Whether it is for losing weight or for your overall fitness you would know that burning out the excess & empty calories is essential. The reason is that unless this is burnt out they lead to the accumulation of fat which causes obesity. So burning it is the main goal of any fitness workout. If you are to use Kickboxing for fitness then you must note that you could burn out as much as 350 to 450 calories an hour. In the process, as you punch, jab, and kick your way which could help you to attain better balance, flexibility, coordination as well as endurance the excess calories in your body get burnt away.

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Kickboxing helps to manage stress levels.

Stress is something which has a very adverse effect on our health. With the various moves which are involved in kickboxing, you could also cut down on your stress level & thus manage it better.

It targets specific body areas.

One great advantage of using kickboxing for fitness is that you could use it to target specific areas of your body for building strength. Kickboxing happens to be a high impact work out where in your arms and legs would be working hard. Here you would rev up your heart rate and keep up the same ever throughout the workout. So for your overall body fitness kickboxing can be very useful indeed.

So concluding we can say that Kickboxing which originated in Japan in the 1960s and developed from Karate. Thereafter it has come a long way in gaining popularity worldwide. In India too, this form of martial art has become very popular. The best thing about it is that along with being an excellent form of self-defense it can also help you to stay very healthy and fit.

So if you are looking to learn for some form of self-defense which would help in body fitness, kickboxing for sure is what you should learn and practice. In case you want to learn Kickboxing in Kolkata, the best place to learn is Arijit’s Workout!

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