Physical trainers often suggest us to lead a disciplined life, with time to time diet & routine exercise. At times the regular busy hectic schedule, stressful life often acts as a barrier in our workout plans. Yes, we need to chalk out our schedule in a way, so that we can devote at least 1 hour regularly for our fitness programme. Here, in this write up we would discuss some easy tips to maintain your training programmes, despite your busy hectic schedule.

Early Morning Workouts: It is next to impossible to ask to the working professionals for exercise after office hours. As it is they become stressed & tired, workouts in tired & stressful mind may have adverse effects. So it is always better to go for early morning workouts, sacrificing your 1 hour sleep. A simple jogging for 30 minutes can really do wonders. Believe me a half an hour jog instead of a sleep can refresh your mind & body to a great level.

Arrange some equipment: You can also arrange some equipments & machine on your own. Nowadays these equipments are handy; portable.You can install them anywhere in your bedroom or drawing room. The use of these equipments from home can save you a lot of time. You can get a full body workout through these equipments.

Use your lunch breaksPlan your lunch break, so that you can use them for exercises. After having your lunch you can go for a walk for 15 minutes. There are various other exercises that you can undergo during office hours like – seatups , pushups, squat etc. Even a 5 minutes break can be used fruitfully for your physical fitness programmes.

Try to use the staircases instead of the elevators, while at office. Even don’t just sit tight on your chair for the whole day. Try to be pro active ,if possible try to pass any documents to your colleague by reaching his table rather than just sending via mails.

In this fast moving world, We hardly get any time to think for ourselves, I have just tried to discuss few easy steps that can be made use of to keep ourselves fit, inspite of the busy hectic schedule and our daily work pressure.

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