If you love Martial arts, you would know that out of the various types Kickboxing has gained much popularity in recent times. It is true that there are different types of martial art disciplines. It would also not be too unusual if you hear people might quite often use them interchangeably. However, if you are to take a closer look you would realize that they are not that similar to one another.

Karate and Kickboxing

Out of all the types of martial arts out there, “Karate” for sure is the most well known to the common man. Here the top techniques used are focused on punching, kicking, blocks and takedowns. You must not, however be misled with the fact that in karate the kicking aspect is the same as in kickboxing. In Karate, kicking is the usual technique used to keep the opponents away. In comparison kicking in case of Kickboxing is used for various purposes.

Kickboxing –discussed in detail

Just in case you want to know about Kickboxing as a form of martial arts let us take a look at some facts. According to Wikipedia, Kickboxing is a group of stand-up combat sports which is based mainly on kicking and punching. It was developed from Karate along with boxing in the 1960s in Japan. Later on the in the 1970s it also originated in the US and in the year 1974 the first major event in the form of a world championship was held by the Professional Karate Association (PKA). Over the years Kickboxing has been considered as a hybrid form of martial arts which combines the main elements of the various traditional styles. So kickboxing is now being used by many as a part of self-defense.

Kickboxing for fitness training

You need to take note of the fact that Kickboxing not only serves as a great form of self -defense but also can be used very effectively for fitness training as well. The rigorous routines which are carried out during the kickboxing sessions can help to cut down on empty calories in a big way. They can also be used to boost up strength within target parts of the body as well.

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