Obesity is a major curse for our life, being slim is a gift of god. Every one wants to be slim but they fail to fulfill their wish due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Anyway stress plays a major part in our life nowadays. Recently many people take the help of morning walk in order to stay fit but due to irregularity the results are not visible to them.

So from last 8 years, Arijit’s Workout caters people with their unique and effective workout plan of freehand exercises like aerobics, Pilates, power yoga, yoga, zumba etc.With these all exercises, one can not only reduce fat but can also learn to maintain their body without using any machines,medicines & gel because they all have some side effects.Now some details of that all the exercises being held at Arijit’s Workout.AEROBICS
Aerobics is a very good cardiovascular exercise. It reduces calories fast and shed some kilos from our body. It helps to check cardiac arrest. We use good speaker box while doing aerobics.We always need some good music while doing aerobics to boost up our energy.While doing aerobics one person can reduce weight very fast. In aerobics the steps are pretty simple helping one person to learn very easily and then they can do on their own.

Power yoga is a very good exercise for toning our full body by using simple steps.It helps to increase our stamina fast. It helps to tone up our body into in a single muscular line.With the help of power yoga we can enrich our skin without using any medicine.

It is a very old process for keeping our body fit which is being used as traditional form of exercise from hundreds and hundreds of years. But now a days since everyone needs some faster results, the process is being changed to a faster mood.With the help of yoga we can cure our any kind of joint pains like knee pain, lumber pain, neck pain any many more.With the help of yoga we can reduce our weight but it takes a bit longer time for effective results to show up. Yoga is a process which makes our physique very strong and unique.

It is a very unique process.It was invented in Germany. Now in the recent days in kolkata, we are using this process because it helps to increase our body’s flexibility fast.It gives some extra strength to our legs, abs, upper body and hips.With the help of Pilates, we can re correct our body postures.

It is a process where dance and aerobics is combined in a single way. Zumba classes is basically used as high energetic exercise.It can help to reduce our calories faster and increases our stamina.

So this was some description of all exercises which are used in our centres of Arijit’s Workout at kolkata. We always try to improve our class day by day by using our effective plans. But you need some good trainer who can guide you according to your ailments and diseases.

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