Obesity is not a disease but it invites diseases. Recent days doctors say obesity is a common folly for every human being. In our society people from age group 13 to 75 are so busy in their work that they don’t have much time to maintain their diet, physical activity. We are more dependent on air conditioner, refrigerator, etc to live a comfort life. Due to our long work schedule, we are taking food from outside most of the time, unscheduled sleeping hours. To overcome this obesity problem, our young generation is spending hours in slimming center in Kolkata.

Obesity problem - Slimming center in kolkata

Obesity is not a gift from god we make our bodies obese. Most of the disease is the result of outside junk food we take in our daily life, these junk food are unhygienic has several side effect. Some common side effects are we gain extra calories that result in obesity, low quality oil that increases the chance of heart attack, etc. So obesity comes from irregular lifestyle, we have to streamline our food habits. Recently we saw growing number of cases among  teenagers who don’t know how to spent their else time, so they choose indoor activities like computer games, carom board etc which does not involve any physical activities & they also do munching during the schedule which also add lots of extra calories in their daily schedule. Every kid has lots of pressure about their studies in the cat race, so they automatically feel lethargic and avoid going to yoga classes in Kolkata.

Here are  some important tips that we can use to kill obesity:

1) Always we have to move here and their without using vehicles only with our legs which burns some calories.
2) Don’t sit idle in a room switching on a ac rather sit without ac.
3)Always insist your kids to do exercise or cycling or swimming rather than indoor games.
4) Try to avoid roadside junk foods.
5) Everyday stand 5 minutes in front of mirror to see your full body which gives inspiration to be fit always.
6) Try to avoid 7 things from your daily diet i.e. Alcohol, cigarette, cold drinks, chilled water, chilled beer, chocolates & ice cream.

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