Use Power Yoga to stay fit

Are you aware of Power Yoga? It is one of the modern ways of staying healthy and fit. Power Yoga is a term which originated in the west. It is a dynamic fitness type of Yoga, based on Asthanga Yoga. Fast lifestyle, fast food intake, lack of nutrition in our diet adversely affects health. Others include stress, lack of rest and pollution. They cause deadly life style diseases like heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes. Others may even include cancer. We must make a conscious effort to stay fit and healthy. One modern way to do so is through Power Yoga. Arijit’s workout is a leading weight management and fitness training center in Kolkata. Through this blog we would try to explain the benefits of Power Yoga.

Power Yoga

Some Basic Facts

Power Yoga is a more Vigorous Yoga type of yoga. It is more suitable for those who are unwilling to visit the gyms for exercises. It emphasizes on strength and flexibility and is to some extent like aerobic workout. The yoga poses are done faster and in a continuation in in this type of yoga. However you must be practice it under the supervision of a qualified fitness trainer. He or she must be competent enough to guide you in this field. Regular sessions of power yoga will help your body to achieve stability, balance, and posture. It will also help you to tone your body. Do you love exercising? If so, then it is the ideal way to stay healthy and fit. This is through a fast paced power yoga work out.

Power yoga follows no specific sequence. This distinct feature of it separates it from other forms of Yoga .There is much variety in it compared to other yoga forms. So apart from building strength and flexibility of the body your stamina is also built through it. The poses of Power Yoga workouts are very challenging .They test one’s physical, mental and even emotional strengths. The exercises are intense and free flowing unlike conventional yoga exercises. They emphasize more on meditation and stretching.


  • With Power Yoga your body sweats. As a result harmful toxins of the body get eliminated.
  • It helps cure digestive problems like acidity
  • It helps to boost the immunity system of the body .This is because it improves blood circulation of the body.
  • Power Yoga helps in making the body strong, flexible .It also helps building up stamina.
  • It burns the excess calories of the body .This helps in weight management.
  • It also helps in improving concentration.

Why Arijit’s Work out?

At Arijit’s Workout we have the state of the art slimming center. We offer numerous health and fitness related services like weight management and Aerobics. We also train in Power Yoga. It is one of our thrust areas. Our fitness trainers provide the best training. This is apart from other fitness training. So at the yoga classes you would be under the direct supervision of a very qualified and competent Fitness Trainer. He or she would guide you through the entire work out. You can therefore achieve maximum results.

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