It is often noted that children with problems of obesity result in various other health related complications & problems for the future. If these problems are treated from the initial stage then obviously one can prevent further complications. Generally a doctor is the best person to judge whether your child is overweight or not. It is judged from the calculation of your child’s BMI (Body Mass Index). It is generally calculated by measuring the child’s weight in relation to its height. BMI is a special growth chart that compares your child’s weight in relation to the body weight of another normal child taking into parameters into count like – age, sex & ethnic background.

Children suffering from obesity may develop health disorders like – high pressure, gallstones, type2 diabetes & even heart problems. Obesity in children might also lead to serious health disorders like –

Joint Problems, Osteoarthritis


Vitamin D deficiency

Obstructive sleep

Various factors are held responsible for the obesity in children. Often it is counted that children who eat & drink more are overweight. This is always not true. Often it is noted that a child’s obesity is the cause of genetic factors. Families where obesity is persistent, may lead to obesity among the children of those families. Specialized persons have also opined that mothers suffering from diabetes at the time of pregnancy may have a obese child.

Sometimes it is found that the children are prone to overeat. They do not have the control over their appetite. Actually when we eat, certain hormones & brain chemicals become functional which send us message that you have had enough meal ,so stop eating. In many cases it is found that the functionalities of these chemicals & hormones remain ineffective , so a child becomes completely unaware of his diet & lose control over his appetite.

In fact lack of proper physical activities & sleep may be one of the alarming reasons for obesity. For example – if a child maintains proper diet but spend most of the time in front of television or playing video games can increase the risk of the child of suffering from obesity or overweight.

Parents should encourage their children into various physical activities for at least 60 minutes in a day. One can also break up these 60 minutes into parts of 10-15 minutes like “encourage your children in outdoor sports , in cases get them admitted into various outdoor sports institutes &  fitness training centres.

Do not allow your children to sit idle at home . try to take them for a walk in the evening or try to engage them in activities like swimming ,dancing, gymnastics ,etc.

Do not allow your children to eat the junk foods & cold drinks. Try to make them habituated with the homemade food.

Obesity among the children at times may lead to changes in the psychological behavior also. It may induce your child to suffer from low self esteem & low confidence. They may find it difficult to adjust in social activities & functions. It may also lead to depressions & other psychological issues. So it is always recommended to the parents to be supportive & affectionate to their children.

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