Anxiety, depression or stress is very common nowadays among the Indians, not only among the Indians. It is alarming in the developed countries too. A recent study shows that around 65% of the North Americans are diagnosed with mental anxiety or depression. However in India around 70% to 90% are suffering from stress related problems.

I feel it is a waste of time to find out the root cause of these kind of problems, some say you are depressed because you are unemployed, while some opines that you are depressed as you are over burdened with your corporate sales targets or meeting deadlines. However, anxiety among the teen age has been a growing concern nowadays. It is mostly prominent among the school students, several factors are held responsible for their stressful life, like may be there – economical background, academic performance, peer pressure .Even growing tension between parents are also responsible for the child’s mental setback.

Stress is all about psychological disorder that affects your mind, brain & ultimately your body. Excessive depression may lead to low appetite, sleeping disorder, headaches, abnormal blood pressure, allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart ailments & even cancer.

Let us now focus on the ultimate ways to deal & treat these chronic psychological abnormalities. One way is to consult a psychiatrist, who would prescribe you several dosages of pills & you have to intake those on a routine basis. Don’t you feel that nowadays drugs have too much adverse effects?, are they safe?, once you get into the habit of taking prescribed tablets, would you be able to live without them for lifetime?.Think before you do. We suggest you some quick tips that you can adapt to live a stress free life, check those out :

Make some time for yourselves – at least 30mins a day, where you need to sit back & relax, listen to music, draw pictures or dance. Do that which works best for you.

Deep breathing – close one nostril, take a deep breath from the other for 15 seconds, hold the air for 15 seconds & exhale through the same for 15 seconds. Continue this with both the nostrils for at least 7 times & you will get result.

Regular Exerciseexercise regularly for about 30 minutes. Your workouts may include regular walking, cycling, aerobics & even swimming would help you a lot

Eat good foodfruits, vegetables, grains provide immense energy that releases tensions & stress from you.try to stick to vegan diet, proteins can also be consumed in the form of soaked beans. Avoid drinking & smoking.

Remember, life is full of game, try to accept the harsh realities as the part of this game. Do not exert yourselves with negative thoughts. In extreme cases try to deviate your mind to some of your favorite movies, tv shows or humor programmes. Laugh a lot as laughter helps you to maintain & build a positive attitude.

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