We provide services for people of age groups of 7 to 70 years. Our class is scientifically proved, for which one client can not only reduce their unwanted body fat but also get relief from their various kinds of body pains. We take full care of our customers and provide them with a regiment according to their bodily requirement and pains, or weight loss programs.  With renowned personal quality trainers to keep an eye on you, you are sure to gain you dream body very soon at the cost of your hard work. There are even personality development classes held too improve you verbal skills and enhance body language. Personal trainer at home is also available for patients who need stretching exercises but cannot travel distances.
We provide classes for recent major problems like:

1.Heart attacks
2.Hormonal disbalances
5.High blood pressure
6.Child obesity

Our club has proper dietician who can help you to calculate existing calories in the body and also keep a regular count on calorie reduced to make your body fit without heavy dieting or starving. The services offered by the renowned team of trainers are as follows:

1. Weight Management Classes – Weight management refers to a group of practices necessary to keep one’s weight at a healthful level. It is preferred to the term “dieting,” because it involves more than regulation of food intake or treatment of overweight persons. The term “weight management” conjointly reflects a change in thinking about treatment of obesity and overweight during the past 20 years. It is not necessary for the person to reach the “ideal” weight to benefit from weight management. According to nutritionists this treatment objective covers only 10 % of the total work towards reduction. Several people tend to gain weight after few years of reducing thus weight management and maintenance is more required than weight reduction.

2. Aerobic Classes – Aerobic classes are suitable to any age group and the benefits are well known to everybody. It not only helps you attain flexibility by opening up your body and stretching the muscles but also energizes your day resulting in overall well being and weight reduction. It is a form of rhythmic physical exercises combined with stretchings’. There are also some long term benefits of routine aerobics classes which Arijit’s Workout ensures its members. Along with a good rounded health and weight control issue aerobics also tones up the body muscles by sweating out the extra body fat in a fulfilled group exercise session.

3. Power Yoga Classes – A type of vigorous fitness based class of yoga especially for those who doesnot want to join gym for excercises. Since the mid 1990s the term came in to usage in an attempt to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible to western students, though, unlike Ashtanga, power yoga does not follow a set series of poses, so classes vary widely. With its emphasis on strength and flexibility, power yoga brought yoga into the gyms of America, as people began to see yoga as a way to work out. Mainly opted by the people for increased metabolism and stress reduction making you undergo a perfectly relaxing experience.

4. Yoga Classes – Arijit’s workout specializes in conducting yoga classes for members of all age groups. We provide well trained yoga teachers who enable you to undergo total mental, physical and disciplinary transformation but only towards stability and peace. Yoga engages one’s body along with soul and results in a fantastic experience all over. Yoga classes makes one both gentle and powerful uniting the mind, body and soul in wisdom leading to full blossoming of human potential.

5. Height Growth Classes – There are certain cases where the person is facing problems relating to stunted growth thus causing not much height increase. We at Arijit/s workout conduct height growth classes to outwit this existing problem. Height improvement can be possible with 100% guaranteed result up to 23 years and a 50% chances up to 25 years. But with proper dieting plan and regular exercises can achieve success towards height growth.

6. Pilates Classes – A system of physical fitness developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates means control signifying of having control of your own body and mind. Along with increasing muscle strength, Pilates also assures you to develop body flexibility. It focuses on developing a strong, stable core with well-toned and flexible muscles to help improve posture, ease of movement and proper body mechanics.

7. Personality Development Classes – Personality development courses’ guide you about how to develop your personality in practical sense; Personality of a person is an amalgamation of one’s behavior, attitude and communication skills. We have designed focused personality development programs that cater to varied needs of the constituent candidates. P. D classes are for every one needing specific grooming session to behavioral advancement.

8. Free Hand Exercise Classes- Arijit’s Workout is one stop for all the sort of exercises that you want to receive in this no machine working zone. It not only gives a toned body effect not only on the muscles but also for the proper alignments of the internal organs and dissolving body pains if any. These kinds of exercises tones down the circulatory system along with proper welfare to the entire body. Starting from reduction of excess body weight toning up of the body till.