Working out before sunrise or after sunset does come with its share of safety concerns, if you’re keen to an outdoor fitness routine, — rush-hour traffic, low visibility and empty streets can increase your risk for injury or worse. Work out at night can be fun if you can follow these five essential strategies.

Be bright

If you want to be visible at night, wear fluorescent or bright colors. They’re more                 effective, making the material brighter than the brain expects. So people can                       understand clearly about your presence on the road.

Friends with Benefits

More than half of exercisers go it alone. But being in a large or small group makes you more visible to approach cars and less tempting to a thief or attacker. Moreover, extra eyes can help to spot other obstacles. If you want to go alone then it would be safer if you stick close to home, well-lit routes, follow familiar and avoid unpopulated paths.

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Light Music

Music has been shown to improve workout efficiency, its effort, and endurance, but it also distracts you quite often. You expect drivers to pay attention, so you should do the same sometimes. If you can’t go a mile without Gaga, use one ear bud and keep the volume low as much as you can.

Pack Wisely

It will be better if you always carry your identification and some emergency contact             numbers with you at the time of night or evening workout. You will be out of danger           zone then.

Careful Practice

Low light, rush hour, and a roadside workout can be a major cause for trouble. Be               cautious at crosswalks and intersections, and pay extra attention to cars when they           turn.

Peace in Mind

Stretch well after your night workout and spend some relaxed time sitting quietly and         practicing deep breathing before you go to bed so that your body can transition to               sleep mode. Be sure to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep for proper recovery         and relaxation.

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