You must know about Aerobics? Well we all have heard and know about it, but are aware of the great benefits it offers in terms of good health and fitness? Our fast lifestyle and hectic schedules barely leave us with little or no time for exercising. No wonder with our sedentary lifestyles we are falling prey to obesity, one root cause of major lifestyle diseases. We at Arijit’s Workout being the leading Weight Management and Fitness Training Center in Kolkata explore the ways and means which Aerobics could play a major role for your health and fitness.

What is Aerobics?

Aerobic is a form of physical exercise which involves rhythmic exercise with stretching and strength training. During Aerobic exercises large muscles in your arms, legs and hips are moved repeatedly. This results in faster and deeper breathing maximizing oxygen in your heart. With the heart beating faster also means that the blood flow to your muscles increase and back to the lungs. Regardless of age, weight, gender or your athletic ability, Aerobic could help you stay fit and healthy.

Aerobics - Arijit's Workout, Kolkata

Health Benefits of Aerobics :

Aerobic helps boost our health in many ways, the following are some of the major benefits –

Aerobic helps us to manage weight: Burning of calories during the Aerobic exercises, helps in the weight management which is important for a good health.

Aerobic helps to strengthen your heart: It makes our hearts stronger, since during aerobics more blood is pumped.

Aerobic helps to keep arteries clear: With more blood flowing through the arteries during the aerobics exercises clear the arteries. Besides exercises the good cholesterol (HDL) gets boosted and the levels of harmful (LDL) gets lowered which is essential for good health.

Aerobic helps manage certain chronic health conditions: With regular Aerobic exercises certain chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels get regulated. Besides certain coronary heart conditioned may be managed through Aerobic exercises.

Aerobic helps boost immune system: The metabolic rate gets increased during aerobics, which is why your immune system gets boosted and this can help your body to fight any infections and thus stay healthy.

Aerobic helps to stay active even at age: With the Aerobic exercises more blood flows to your body, muscles and regular exercising makes them become stronger and keep you active even with age. Aerobics help you build stamina and reduce fatigue over the long term

We at Arijit’s Workout being the leading fitness training centre in Kolkata have expert trainers who are experts in fitness and the best people to guide to achieve your ideal health based on your health condition. Along with other services like weight management, yoga, Power Yoga, Height Growth services, we also emphasize on Aerobics too. This is why we have classes specifically dedicated for Aerobics. So if you are residing in Kolkata, the location of our Fitness Centre is centrally located which would ensure easier commuting. So for further details in regard to Aerobics or other health and fitness related matters please visit Arijit’s Workout.

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