This days in our busy schedule we can’t make that much of time for workout.The monsoon period is ongoing, so many people can’t continue with their daily habit of morning walks. So person need some good trainers who can give them proper guidance to carry out workout classes at their own place & by that they can get rid of their diseases and ailments. In this monsoon due to heavy rainfall our body do feel lethargic & not just that we also add extra calories by sitting in our home.

So don’t worry about your extra calories and just start your daily routine of workout in your home.Only one thing to remember that u need a proper guru who can guide u properly according your requirements.
In this season taking part in outdoor games like football, cricket, golf, badminton becomes impossible due to rain. So in arijit’s workout we have started conditioning training sessions on  the clubs,with the help of kettle belt, swiss ball, medicinal ball, dumbbells and many more.The players those who are fit can’t make their daily schedule of training outdoor in this monsoon and so for training we have made good running tracks in our clubs for the daily practice session.

1)Try to avoid oily foods.
2)Don’t sit ideal for too long.Do walk frequently.
3)Don’t sleep for more than 7 hours.
4)Don’t munch too much while sitting in front of television.
5)Do your workout daily at your place.

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